Artist Statement

An important part of my art work is graphic, mainly etchings, mostly in very small editions or as unique single works. To me it is more interesting to create new work than to print larger editions.
I prefer to work on thematic series. My work is mainly abstract, sometimes combined with detailed drawings.

The printing plates, mostly made of zinc, is first polished, scratched, sawed, etched, inked and then printed. Favorite techniques are aquatint, line etching, blind embossing etc.

Mostly my work involves multi-colored prints on hand-crafted paper which I have embedded with metal, textile, pigments etc. Experimental techniques inspire my creativity.

Also two etchings printed on top of each other on transparent paper or very fine silk enhance and strengthen one another. These works to me have a mystical and enigmatic quality. Sometimes I cut previously etched zinc plates and repurpose them in other works. Now and then I also allow the acid to stay on the plate after the first print, causing the plate to start to dissolve. Prints made at various stages during this process and demonstrates transience.

Other cultures and their influence past and present fascinate me, the old and the new and the mysticism behind it. Every layer should communicate something, how for instance the layers of an old city disclose something about its past and the cultural influences. In my work I attempt to transpose this source of inspiration. These can be stone sculptures, textiles, paper or other materials, but also installations, paintings and prints. Most important to me is to find the medium which will make the strongest impact. Through my work, I feel I can make the invisible visible.